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The Eyecell eye contour cream by Genosys, is an ant-aging cream that improves wrinkles and dark circle, eye bags. Eyecell is a hydrating cream that promotes microcirculation which is weak in the eye area as the skin is 5-10 times thinner andhas fewer oil glands, therefore it loses elasticity far quicker. On average, humans blink up to 10,000 times a day, which means the skin around the eyes is contantly in use and therefore needs taking care of. This is why this area can be marked so easily with the aforementioned eye bags and dark circles making it ideal for the use of an eye contour cream.

Why use an eye contour cream?

Some may argue that an antiaging cream alone will be enough. Because the skin around the eye is thinner, finer and more delicate, it requires a specially formulated product to get the optimal results.

Eyecell benefits and directions


  • ECC contains botanical callus culture extracts and EC peptide complex.
  • It can give you the best effect reducing in the appearance of crows feet, dark circles and under eye puffiness.


Apply this cream around the eyes in the morning and evening