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UFO Mini

UFO Mini

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UFO treatments provide immediate deep hydration, increasing moisture levels by 126% and retaining the effect for up to 6 hours*


T-Sonic pulsations increase microcirculation, deliver nutrients and oxygen to every cell, restoring a smooth, youthful, fresh look.

Glow & Boost.

Warming and T-Sonic pulsations push active skincare ingredients deep into the dermis for even better results.


78% of users reported nourished skin that feels significantly softer to the touch*

Lift & Firm.

Cooling minimizes puffiness, and instantly lifts and firms, effectively combating visible signs of aging.


LED Light-therapy helps regenerate the skin and accelerate the healing process.


UFO treatments help relax facial muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



Slim, simple, and designed to help you mask smarter, UFO mini offers a full facial treatment whether you’re at home or on-the-go. This vibrant device features LED light therapy and indulgent Thermotheraphy. Together with T-Sonic pulsations, UFO mini’s innovative technology infuses mask essence deep into your skin, for a selfie-worthy complexion in 90 seconds. Unlike traditional sheet masks, UFO mini offers superior skincare results in just 90 seconds. The combination of cooling, warming and T-Sonic pulsations with red, blue, and green LED light therapy across pre-set programmes, enables you to get a relaxing, effective, professional-level spa treatment at the comfort of your home. UFO mini effortlessly glides across every inch of your face, activating essential ingredients in our exclusive Korean mask formulas. The UFO-activated masks are made from soft micro-fiber, infused with plant and fruit extracts, concentrated botanical oils and natural flower water. Each mask is paired with a pre-programmed UFO app controlled treatment routine to boost their effects and ensure glowing skin..

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